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The Pledge”‘ – Laren Tybris, An unsuspecting Warstar Academy graduate finds himself in the savage land of Alpharen when Lycarian, fierce canine like soldiers and barbaric demons fight for their Gods, Survival and Supremacy. Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Novel.
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The Journey Begins

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Your imagination is only limited by your fears. If you are a writer, you are either one of two types. You write within your comfort zone or write beyond the borders of said zone. I write what the hell I want without thinking about if people will accept it because if I do, I’m being self conscious and allowing faceless others to control my creative narratives.

I write what I’m the mood for just like the food I eat. I write because it feels good to be a God on paper. The blank page before me is my canvas, my void, my ocean, my world and all I’ve got to do, is fill it.